Hey there

I'm a 17 year old Computer Science student and Radio Presenter from Wales.

So, what do I do?

First and foremost- I'm a college student studing a BTEC in Computer Science. My specific areas of interest are website design and development and also IT systems security and encryption.

As part of the course you also learn different languages such as Python and Visual Basic. I'm able to create programs with Python to fulfil a purpose- typically in applications to interact with external APIs.

In my spare time I enjoy being creative with audio- more specifically presenting on the radio. I'm a part of my local community station called CalonFM where I present Friday mornings from 10am to 12pm. Additionally- I am head management at Reach Radio where I am responsible for development and some on air tasks alongside presenting the Evenings show.

I have knowledge of working with some radio playout systems- mainly the Myriad versions 4 and 5 and additionally mAirList.

Additionally- I am confident with using audio editing programs such as Adobe Audition.