Networking a takeover across 3 stations.

In April, back when I was managing Reach Radio’s technical bits, we did something that has never really been seen before in our corner of the community.

We networked a charity takeover across 3 stations. Raising money for the Teenage Cancer Trust, we co-ordinated the radio ops for Drive For Life 2021, which raised £2,891 for the charity.

We used a combo of Myriad v5’s commands feature paired with another program to create the splits and mash the audio together for things like split IDs, adverts and at some points even links.

We just pointed to the location of the audio file in the command, and which station we wanted to split on, and it just did it, and broadcasted it.

This is kind of what it sounded like:

(there may be some slight volume differences between network and split, however this was ironed out using processing further up the broadcast chain)

Reach Radio End Link
TSR End Link
SH Split TOH
Reach Split TOH

Stuff like this ran for 48 hours nearly, and after some initial teething issues, worked perfectly for the whole weekend.