Welcome to my website

I’m a 17 year old computer science student from North Wales. I also do radio too!

What do I do?

Who am I?

First and foremost- I’m a college student studing a BTEC in Computer Science. My specific areas of interest are website design and development and also IT systems security and encryption.

As part of the course you also learn different languages such as Python and Visual Basic. I’m able to create programs with Python to fulfil a purpose- typically in applications to interact with external APIs.

Recently- I have been venturing into the cogs that allow you to play that radio station you like- wherever you are. The routing of audio in the most efficient way possible, the way that the presenters get delivered onto your radio. All of these I’ve been doing and learning about.

In my spare time I enjoy being creative with audio- more specifically presenting on the radio. I’m a part of the effort to get Wrexham’s “OFCOM licensed FM community radio station” back on air; CalonFM. I’m managing the technical side of things.

What can I do for you?

I broadcast from my home in North Wales with my home audio set up. It consists of a Behringer Xenyx 1204 & an Audio Technica 2020 microphone.


I have knowledge of remote features on playout systems like Myriad, Zetta and mAirList.


I tend to do a lot of things with Adobe Audition. I can provide high quality voiceovers for you at an affordable price.

who have i worked with?

Voluntary Positions